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About Us

The concept of Aurrii began in the fall of 2011, with a vision of offering local college students, attending the University of Memphis and Southwest Tennesse Community College campuses, more affordable textbooks solution. In 2012, Aurrii launched a web base platform, which enabled students to connect and sell cheap textbooks to other students on campus. In 2017, Aurrii relaunched as an open marketplace for students to enjoy discounts on various products and school material from local businesses, simply for being a student; awhile connecting with other students on campus to sell and buy cheap textbooks. Aurrii makes buying textbooks affordable and selling them, convenient. We continue to strive to give our users the best experience possible. 

Aurrii Since 2012 "No arms.. no legs.. just books"

Aurrii 2012


  Cheap Textbooks

Save money and browse the growing selection of cheap textbooks offered by students for students.

 Your Textbooks

Get the most money for your used textbooks. Receive a commission on each textbook you sale.

Student Discount

Browse our catalog and enjoy student discounts offered by local businesses and vendors.

Class Notes

 Sell your notes and get access to your classmates' notes and materials on the student marketplace.