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A Step Forward To Cheaper Textbooks!

August 20, 2017 8:23:44 AM PDT

As students return to school, they scour the campus bookstore and textbook retail sites, in search of cheap textbooks, keyword 'cheap textbooks' have an average of 40,500 hits per month.
There's no misconception, the cost of textbooks are on a rise. College textbook prices are 812 percent higher than they were a little more than a decade ago, the American Enterprise Institute, a think tank, reports. 
"The goal is to provide every college student a venue, for purchasing inexpensive used and new textbooks. At a price, that in some cases, cheaper than renting, but without the hassle of returning or shipping, at the end of the semester," says Miguel Emmanuel, 24, COO of Aurrii.
Founded in 2011, Aurrii is an online tool that allows students to post, buy, and trade textbooks and meet locally on campus. Miguel conceived the idea while attending Southwest Tennessee Community College, Memphis TN.
How Does Aurrii Work?
A student seller would post their textbook on Aurrii. While another student search for a particular textbook, using the book's name, or its ISBN#. Once the student buyer finds that perfect textbook, with a price to match, they purchase the student's textbook, the seller is notified via email, and the seller ships or the two meet on campus. No cash is exchanged in person. Once the transaction is complete, funds are released to the seller.
If the textbook you are looking for, isn't available, you can submit a request to Aurrii, via their contact page, and once it becomes available, the Aurrii support team will contact you.
Once a student posts their textbook on sites like eBay, fees apply: Insertion fee & $0.30 totaling 10% of the products price.
If a student posts their textbook to Aurrii, it's a flat fee of only 8%, once the textbook sells.
A portion funds collected through Aurrii, go to supplying participating college, campus libraries, with up-to-date textbooks, to be used by the student body. 
Aurrii currently support the following schools: Southwest Tennessee Community College, University of Memphis, Tarrant County College, The University of Texas, University of Nevada Las Vegas, The University of Tennessee, Texas School of Business, South Texas College, Northwest Mississippi Community College, Oregon State University, Pittsburg State University, Metropolitan Community College, College of the Desert, and The California State University.
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